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BEFITBEABLE is for people who have long-term physical challenges that they are going to have to live with for a very long time. This includes stroke survivors, people with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy or skiing, motorcycle or other accidents resulting in physical limitations.

“This program is designed for anybody with any disability. It’s designed to make them feel good and to be excited about seeing how much they can really do for themselves.” This program provides exercises that start with whatever abilities a person has and takes them through incrementally small steps to ultimately achieve big results. “People need to know that they can go beyond where they think they can go. They can be more than that! Our mind is a powerful tool and we can use it to prove the doctors wrong and to do more than they told us was possible!”

This simple but powerful exercises can be done in a wheel chair, in a bed, at home, or at the gym with little or no equipment needed. A simple broom handle, chair, can of beans or a towel are great work-out tools. “People can do these exercises sitting down, standing up, with one arm or one leg – it doesn’t matter.” What matters is that the person tries. They need to take responsibility for their own health and push themselves to new heights. “Once they see the progress they will want to continue.”

As James tells his story, “It took me one year of working- out consistently to see progress. But then… I saw that I was able to do more things. I could get out of my wheel chair then away from my walker, then out of my leg brace! It was so exciting! I want to help others feel the exhilaration of moving again.”

One key here is to visualize where you want to go. Imagine how far you can get with persistence, patience, and consistency.

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